Sunday, January 1, 2017

Resolution: Invest

I resolve to invest my time in 2017 - to invest it in quality work, growth, and my own happiness.

I want to create.  I will write here every day.  I will make far more music on my own time.  I will get a ukulele.

I want to learn.  I will learn new arias and songs.  I will investigate career possibilities with teaching and Alexander Technique certification.

I want to risk.  I will audition.  I will shift my work priorities to balance my happiness, growth, and fulfillment.

I want to document.  I will write.  I will take (and share!) pictures.  I won't be afraid of bothering people by sharing my life, my cares, my hopes, my failures and successes, or my love.


In the last year, my life has shifted so much; all of it has been for the better I think.  Yet, I have also been feeling a little bit stuck or complacent in different areas.  I want to break out of that complacency, which weighs on my subconscious as a slow-growing sense of guilt.  I know it is okay to be in a routine, to let things be or feel settled, but I also know that if I am going to see my developing dreams and ideas become reality, I need to make changes.

Life is a long journey.  I don't know what will happen this year, or if all of these things will come true, and what things will come true that I didn't expect.  I'm not going to worry if things don't happen like I want them to, or if they don't happen at all. All I can do is try, forgive any sense of failure, and keep moving forward.

I wrote a blog post for every day of 2015.  I made it many days and made up a few as needed.  What makes me happiest is how much I remember from that year, be it events or even mere feelings.  The beginnings of my true love story are captured in that year and I am incredibly grateful.

This year, I am marrying the man who kissed me on May 19, 2015.  I want to capture this year too - the journey that is both mine and ours.

Here's to life and all of the adventure, possibility, and love that it holds!

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